When the English tongue we speak,
         Why is 'break' not rhymed with 'freak' ?
         Will you tell me why it's true,
         We say 'sew' but likewise 'few' ?
         And the maker of a verse,
         Cannot cap his 'horse' with 'worse' ?
         'Beard' sounds not the same as 'heard',
         'Cord' is different from 'word';
         c - o - w is 'cow' but l - o - w is 'low';
         'Shoe' is never rhymed with 'foe'.
         Think of 'hose' and 'whose' and 'lose',
         And think of 'goose' and yet of 'loose',
         Think of 'comb' and 'tomb' and 'bomb';
         'Doll' and 'roll' and 'home' and 'some';
         And since 'pay' is rhymed with 'say',
         Why not 'paid' with 'said', I pray ?
         We have 'blood' and 'food' and 'good',
         Wherefore 'done' and 'gone' and 'lone' ?
         Is there any reason known?
         And, in short, it seems to me,
         Sounds and letters disagree.