Len and Nora Butt's Photos

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At the Curzon Rooms in Waterlooville, Vic Pickett is standing behind Nora and to his left is Len - at the right are Gladys Pickett, Alf Pearce and his wife


Mollie Henning presenting Nora Butt with the Fletcher Trophy - 1973


Christmas in the old Clubhouse, Len Butt, Michael Dunne, George Smith's wife, Nora, Mrs Browning and John Browning


Gladys Pickett, Jean Young, Ethel Hale and Nora Butt


Freda Wilson, Nora Butt, Gladys Pickett, and Jean Young close to the eighteenth green


Len Butt teeing off the eighteenth with Gladys and Vic Pickett


Len Butt playing down the old sixth, now the tenth


Pam Reed, Nora Butt, Jean Young and Betty Johnston on Betty's captain's day - 1990


Joan Haigh presenting Nora Butt with the Elizabeth West Eclectic Trophy - 1991


Pam Reed, Jean Young and Nora Butt on the first tee


Ivy and George Phillips, Nora Butt and Tony Gibson at the Centenary Ball - 1991


Nora and Len Butt with Tony Gibson at the Centenary Ball - 1991


Nora Butt, Tony Gibson, Heather Gibson and Ray Gibson at the Centenary Ball - 1991


Ray and Diane Gibson at the Centenary Ball - 1991


A Christmas celebration in the club's dining room, Jean Hounsham, Harry Cope and Len Butt at the right, Rita Elly at the left


Nora Butt and Terry Dominy at the Christmas Celebration


Margaret and Tony McDonald, Nora Butt, Jim Yeates, Mary and Keith Collins, Pat Yeates


Connie and Peter Taylor, Gordon and Florence Johnson, Freda Wilson, Arthur Dovey, Vic Wilson and Lillian Dovey


At the top table are Jim Johnston, Maureen and Fred Hartwell - at the front are Nora Butt and George Philips


Ivy Phillips, Leo and Betty Verrico, George Phillips, Jean Hounsham, Ted Leggett, Jerry Hounsham and Vera Leggett


Gerry and Monica Bowler, Diane Gibson, Dave and Masie Meadus, Terry Dominy and Ray Gibson


Dave Sparshatt, Betty Johnston, Joane Buchanan, Andy Buchanan, Liz and Ian Borrow, Jim Johnston and Julia Sparshatt


Jessie Neville, Betty Johnston, Ann Elliot, Diane Gibson and Nora Butt on Diane's captain's day - 1994


Nora and the golfer she knitted for Val Flint's charity -1995


Mary Collins presenting Nora Butt with a prize on Mary's captain's day - 1999


Pam Reed, Mary Collins, Nora Butt and Ann Curtis on the first tee - 1999